Confirmed speakers (as per December 11, 2018):


Masayuki Amagai, Tokyo, Japan – Peripheral tolerance to autoimmune target in pemphigus

Thomas Bieber, Bonn, Germany – Dendritic cells in inflammatory skin diseases

Bruce Bochner, Chicago, IL – Eosinophilic disorders

Patrick M. Brunner, Vienna, Austria – Atopic dermatitis at disease onset

Jean-Laurent Casanova, New York, NY – Protective immunity and immunodeficiencies

Rachael Clark, Boston, MA – Resident T cells in health and disease

Christophe Dupont, Paris, France – Epicutaneous antigen desensitization

Massimo Gadina, Bethesda, MD – Janus kinases in inflammation

Richard Gallo, San Diego, CA – The microbiome and therapeutic implications

Joel Gelfand, Philadelphia, PA – Impact of immune targeted therapy on cardiovascular risk: The psoriasis model

Michel Gilliet, Lausanne, Switzerland – Autoantigens in psoriasis

Emma Guttman, New York, NY – Inflammatory profile of atopic dermatitis and cytokine targeted treatments

John Harris, Worcester, MA – Vitiligo

Alan Irvine, Dublin, Ireland – Barrier defects in AD and prevention strategies

Kenji Kabashima, Kyoto, Japan – Visualization of skin inflammation and resulting immunologic concepts

James G. Krueger, New York, NY – Framing psoriasis

Vijay Kuchroo, Boston, MA – Two sides of Th17 cells in autoimmunity and tissue homeostasis

Thomas Kupper, Boston, MA – T cell subsets across inflammation and cancer

Graham Ogg, Oxford, UK – Innate lymphoid cells in health and disease

Amy S. Paller, Chicago, IL – Adopting orphan ichthyoses: New focus for inflammatory skin research

Virginia Pascual, New York, NY – Adding new pieces to the old Lupus puzzle

Ralf Paus, Manchester, UK – Alopecia areata

Kristian Reich, Hamburg, Germany – How to perform successful clinical trials in inflammatory skin diseases

Martin Steinhoff, Dublin, Ireland – Acne & Rosacea

Georg Stingl, Vienna, Austria – Historic perspective

Ruth Ann Vleugels, Boston, MA – Collagenoses