Registration for the 3rd Inflammatory Skin Disease Summit is now open.

The direct link to Online-Registration for ISDS 2018 can be found here:

Online Registration for ISDS 2018

Registration fees Early Bird
until Oct 10, 2018
Late fee
until Dec 11, 2018
Onsite fee
from Dec. 12, 2018
Regular Admission
€ 400 € 550 € 550
€ 200 € 300 € 300
Additional Badge € 200

*Student Fee: Students need to provide a copy of their valid Student ID when registering, otherwise the student registration will not be accepted. Please send the confirmation (as PDF file) upon registration to

** Resident: In order to verify your status as a resident, a written confirmation from your hospital/ institution is required, otherwise regular admission will apply. Please send the confirmation (as PDF file) to